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Step 1

Select the merchant with whom you want to purchase a gift card. Complete the form and select the date on which the card will be sent (a minimum delay of 48 hours may apply at most merchants). Pay your purchase.



Step 2

On the selected delivery date, the recipient will receive an email with the link to claim the gift card. The person will need to answer the security question you have set in order to retrieve the card.



Step 3

Once the card is claimed, the recipient will receive the gift card in PDF format in a second email. This card can be printed or presented on a mobile device at the merchant where it is applicable.

About the Boutique

The Boutique allows you to obtain electronic gift cards at all of our partner merchants. You can purchase virtual gift cards valid with the merchants of your choice. First, choose the amount to load, and then select whether this gift card is for you or to send as a gift to another person. The gift card will be sent by email.


Sent in 48 hours

A minimum delay of 48 hours is required by certain merchants.


Secured payments

Secure payment gateway and your credit card information is not stored by the system.


No expiration date

Your gift cards will be valid at all times from the issuing date.

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