Le Pot Papilles et Cocktails

Le Pot Papilles et Cocktails

Le Pot Papilles et Cocktails

Welcome to “Bistro Bar Boutique” Le Pot: Tartars and Cocktails. A place in which the chic and relaxed atmosphere recalls old general stores and the warmth of small neighborhood bistros. It is with pride that we will welcome our customers for a unique and escapist experience where the combination of the know-how of our mixologists and cooks, combined with a taste for adventure, will offer pleasure and new culinary sensations. Offering an exciting seasonal cocktail menu as well as a sought-after variety of local products; le Pot is your new destination in downtown Trois-Rivières.

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Le Pot Papilles et Cocktails

326 Rue des Forges Trois-Rivières QC G9A 2H1

+1 819-841-4959


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